VictoryPit Community Night for November 6, 2015

Hello all! I hope you are all ready for community night tomorrow! We have some much needed changes in store, and a few fun extras!

First thing's first, the server's configuration has seen a second overhaul. We have removed some dated plugins and reworked our configuration files. Map voting was confusing before, and I have condensed it down into two files. By default, admins and users alike can now access all maps on the server. However, the map voting options is limited to a subset of popular stock and custom maps. This way, we won't get a bunch of strange or odd votes when nobody nominates anything.

Secondly, admin menus and permissions have been cleaned up. If we can't trust our administrators, why should you? All administrators have been given equal access across the board.

Next up, the removal of reserved slots. While some enjoyed the bonus of first priority, reserved slots have shown to be novelty at best and only seem to serve to drive away new potential community members who feel unwelcome when kicked. As such, they will be retired indefinitely.

All configuration changes can be seen over at the Github Repistory for the VP/OCReMix Server

Lastly, what's a community without community? A longtime mapmaker who has showcased on OCR is back again with a new map! After five years in the making, we are proud to host pl_corrode! Let's see what all it has to offer tomorrow night during OCR TF2 night!


Check it out at the Steam Workshop!

Are you not familiar with the VictoryPit/OCReMix gaming community server? Find out more over at the Community page!