Professional Services

Hello, I'm Matthew Stanley. Now who exactly am I, and why might I be of importance to you? I may just be the foundation of your next project.

With 11 years of development experience and 6 years of experience working in the heart of Silicon Valley, performing Backend Web, Data Engineering, and Product Management for an Internet of Things Platform as a Service, I bring both extensive business and technological background into services I conduct.

Whether it's consulting services to navigate the complexities of successfully scaling hardware, cellular, or cloud services or writing inter-connected backend, I'm ready and prepare to deliver high value in these realms.

Interested in pursuing development or consultation services? Let's talk. Email me at for all general purpose inquiries.

Backend Software Development

Discord Bots, Remote Server Management, Arbitrary Data Manipulation, etc.


Since the age of 16, I have been hard at work, scripting up solutions to problems I encounter. Today, I have taken those learnings into my professional career not only to understand how to code a solution, but how to solve a business problem.

As a hobbyist level, I still create services to solve problems whenever they arise. My hobbies are focused in the video game community space, spanning Discord Bots, game server RCON proxy execution and monitoring scripts, save file manipulation, and file server synchronization, but my ability to solve problems is not limited to this space.

Want to see some of my recent work? Check out my Github above.

For specific project highlights, I recommend:

SaveAIO: Arbitrary save file data manipulation to extract save file data from specific save formats, as well as re-injection of saves, such as Virtual Console Save re-injection for Nintendo Wii, 3DS, and Wii U consoles. Other manipulation such as endian and byte swapping for Nintendo 64 is available.

Keep-Alive-Tester: A service and embedded user application to determine the Network Access Translation timeout ("holepunch timeout") for an embedded cellular device.

FastDL-Sync: Automatically syncs new map files whenever they are added to a Source Engine based game server to a fastDL server. Allows users to add map files to a game server without having to separately and manually manage the addition of those maps to the FastDL server for user downloads.

Twitch Plays Four Swords Adventures: Collaborate with all of Twitch via chat to control all four Links in Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure!

Egnis: Egnis is a multi-part service bot that runs my personal gaming community. Egnis is not only a Steam bot, but also a Discord bot all-in-one. Egnis manages and reminds about community events via Discord and Steam. Egnis also has direct access and is able to execute and monitor RCON commands for the community Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 servers. He even knows how to play music!

Consultation Services

Backend Software Services and IoT

Looking to start your own Internet of Things business or launch your first internet connected product? It can be intimidating. IoT is a bleeding edge industry in today's world, and among one of the hardest to succeed in.

IoT suffers the complexity of not one, but many software specialties. It is not enough to be a proficient hardware engineer or cloud engineer. You have to have the expertise to navigate both worlds. Not setting a proper foundation for either can mean inevitable hurdles and perhaps the total inability to scale your business.

With four years of being in the thicket of support, engineering, and product management in one of Silicon Valley's most successful IoT startups, I can help you set a foundation to navigate the inevitable hurdles that come with being successful in the world of IoT.