Project GEVO

Project GEVO

Project GEVO is a reverse engineering effort of the game GUNDAM EVOLUTION in an effort to bring it a second life after it was shutdown on its End of Service date on November 29th, 2023.

The project takes a clean room approach to reverse engineering the coordinator service using packet captures from when the game was still active. Client modifications allow the game to function following its End of Service date and to connect to third party coordinator services developed and hosted by the Project GEVO team.

I began reverse engineering efforts following the announcement of GUNDAM EVOLUTION's end of service date. Using my background in web development, I began packet captures of the game and using proxy services to redirect network traffic to a locally hosted instance of the coordinator. Gradually, endpoints were reconstructed in such a way that the coordinator service was able to mimic responses similar to the official service.

After considerable development, I reached out to additional talent to assist in modifications of the game client in order to allow for client redirection and usage of the client beyond its end of service date. As no dedicated game servers are provided, the team was also focused on repurposing the client to act as a dedicated game server.

As of this writing on December 9th, 2023, the coordinator service has been fully reimplemented for clients, along with client patches to redirect traffic and patch out the "end of service" modals. The lobby system has been re-implemented and is able to connect to a game client repurposed as a dedicated game server.

If you'd like to follow along with more realtime updates, you may join us in our community Discord at