VictoryPit Community Night for November 13, 2015

A special thank you to everyone who showed up last week to give PL Corrode a shot! leminnes was ecstatic to get a thorough runthrough of the map and had a great time playing with everyone! Your feedback was heard, and some map changes have been made for Corrode.

Moved CP A farther into the building
Reduced the amount of time added to the timer when capturing CP A & CP B
Increased the amount of time added to the timer when capturing CP C
Added a bunch of signs
Added some windows
Increased respawn times on Red after CP C is captured
Reduced respawn times on Blu after CP C is captured
Lightly detailed a few barren rooms
Soundscapes work now
A whole bunch of bug fixes

Need to be fixed still:
Have no idea why the water is still ghosting in various spots. Will keep experimenting to try and fix it.

Have something to say? Use the discussion topic to give your feedback!

If you want to take a look at the map, as always, you can find it here at the steam workshop. If you like it, be sure to upvote it!

leminnes will be joining us again this week to give everyone another chance to look at the map and its changes. This will also give our newcomers an opportunity to check out the map if they missed it last week.

If you or anyone you know would like to give their work on the server, be sure to let us know!