Gamemaster's Script Set - Release

Gamemaster's Script Set is a public release of my scripts that I write and make use of in TF2. They are meant to allow for consistency and modularity with intent to follow the DRY concept of programming.


  • Files are very modularly broken up. Allows for easy reading and access
  • Generic reference files are used by each class to allow for a "clean slate" on class switching. This allows certain class configs not to break standard configurations for others
  • Many unused key combos are still listed in config files for easy reading and modification
  • F1-F4 correspond to loadouts A-D for quick switching loadouts
  • Simple alias strings have been added for quick switches to allow for easy-team communication of loadouts.
  • Utility keys (Save Replays, Screenshots, MVM Ready up) have been moved to F9-F12
  • Engineer quick-build / destroy scripts by use of 1-5 keys.
  • Medic can swap resists with mouse4/5 on Vaccinator
  • Spy can use mouse4/5 to do an "FOV Zoom"
  • Numpad has been designed to become a series of versatile scripts that can be easily swapped between at single-button presses
  • Full fast-access taunt menu for all loadout taunts, including default
  • Numpad Spy disguise script for single touch disguising, lastdisguise, and team-switching
  • B is now a toggle autodisguise script. Pressing B once turns on an auto-disguise after every attack. Pressing it again toggles it off. By default, it is disabled. A sound plays when it is enabled.
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  • Latest Version: 1.1 Alpha