Private Killing Floor 2 Server!

A heads up, everyone! Give a special thanks to Serious for providing us with a private Killing Floor 2 server! The server is accessible and usable to all within the VictoryPit conglomerate!

Gamemaster is the operating technical admin for the server. For map or gamemode settings, contact him.

The server IS passworded, but this is only to keep the private games private. If you are interested in using or participating in a server game, just ask Serious, Gamemaster, or hop onto our mumble which can now be found and added at

For the mumble password, ask Gamemaster or anyone within the VP-OCR community.

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Add our server to your favorites by adding to your server browser favorites in game!

Don't own Killing Floor 2? Why not try it out for free over the free play event this weekend? Check it out on Steam!