Mumble Information

The VictoryPit-OverClocked ReMix gaming mumble is a privately provided mumble by Gamemaster on behalf of the community. The mumble is meant to be used and open for any within the community. A password has been set in place only to keep out unwanted random intruders. However, any who have the password are free to use and share it with friends.

Server Rules:

1) Be considerate & mindful of others
2) No pornography
3) Do not flood voice or text chat
4) Please use channels for their intended purpose.
If you are in need of a specific channel, all registered users have the ability to create temporary channels under user channels. All you have to do to register is right-click your own name and register.

* Administrators reserve the right to take action where they see fit, regardless of whether or not it explicitly violates the rules listed here. *

If there an an issue with any other parties in the mumble, be it other users or other administrators, please contact Gamemaster with your concerns.

List of current Moderators and Administrators:

  • BOON_
  • Bahamut
  • Bark
  • Gamemaster
  • Garian
  • Krowbar
  • Kumori
  • Serious
  • SuperDSombrero
  • SylonDMS