GIVHUD: Gamemaster's Improved Vanilla HUD

IVHUD was a HUD popular here on Facepunch forums made by our very own errur. This HUD is not very old, but was definitely among my favorites. errur has since expressed having lost interest in continuing the project, and as such, the HUD has become outdated and broken in places where Valve has added and modified assets.

I have never been fond of many of the custom HUDs, and honestly liked stock more than others. However, stock definitely has its faults, and it was my aim to find a HUD to replace that. IVHUD fit the bill perfectly in all aspects.

Since IVHUD has been discontinued, I have been making efforts to try and keep the HUD functionally up to date for myself. It isn't flawless, and there are bound to be bugs, but it's functional for all intents and purposes.

This HUD was modified to suit myself, so I will not be porting it over to suit other aspect ratios or mini-mode. If it happens to work on others, that's great. Please don't expect it, though.

If you wish to make your own modifications, by all means do so. Be sure to properly credit the source for sake of errur and myself.

Special thanks to errur for making this release and giving permission to let me release my own iteration.

Backpack and Loadout Features
  • Added navigation buttons and page indicator. Pages can now be scrolled through using A/D keys
  • Loadout Panel re-arranged. Weapons and cosmetics are now adjacent to one another on the left side. Player model has been shifted left. RED/BLU cosmetic buttons added

Backpack Loadout

In-Game Features
  • Player health has been drastically upsized and outlined.
  • Damage text has been changed to be bigger and bright yellow to stand out more
  • Green damage indicator to the left of player model has been added in addition to yellow damage text in-world
  • When damage or damage ticks are being dealt, the crosshair will have two - on either side to flash, indicating damage.
  • Meters have been re-arranged and upsized to be easier to read and gauge.
  • Spy disguise HUD re-arranged in order to make viewing player models easier
  • Friendly/Enemy + health bars now have noticeable large numerical values on them
  • Improved Objective Status Panels for some game modes[/I]
  • When overhealed or below 50%, health will tint blue or red respectively

Engineer HUD Medic HUD Spy HUD

Known Issues
  • Only made for 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Mini-mode unsupported
  • The 4-8 and 1-4 taunts are switched in the loadout menu. This is a limitation of how taunts and weapons/cosmetics are linked. Each slot is numbered with its corresponding number in the taunts menu however, so it is still possible to quickly identify which taunt corresponds to which entry.