About Matt

Growing up in a small Midwestern town left little to do. Because of that, I often tried to find interests to occupy my time. Technology was a no-brainer. Through the power of tech, endless worlds and opportunities are available to us. From the streets of Gotham all the way to the mountaintops in Skyrim, the opportunities for exploration really are endless. Just the same, people all through the world are at our fingertips. We no longer are limited by distance when it comes to meeting new people. Though my body was stuck in that small town, my mind was anywhere but.

Eager to always learn more, I ventured out at an early age to learn more about computers and hardware. At age twelve, I successfully built my first ever computer. Using that knowledge, I became employed as a hardware technician at my high school for five years. That, along with self-teaching allowed me to win several awards in technology at both local and state competitions.

I have since moved away from the Midwest and have begun pursuing a career in web development.

I tend to travel a lot, meeting a lot of friends I had gotten to known online throughout the years.