A few thoughts on OCR and Victory Pit

Coming from the OverClocked ReMix community as a long time listener and occasional collaborator in the VGM scene, as well as all around technology and music enthusiast, I feel that it is great to be affiliated with OCR as a related community. That said, I feel that our group of gamers who have spent the last 7 years playing Team Fortress as well as other games together have forged a new community that is independent of the greater OC ReMix community. While there are members of our community who have strong ties to OCR, it is important to note that in order to broaden the appeal of our own niche group it is important to be unique in our own ways, while not carrying any baggage or stigma from any past associations. OCR has a wonderful community, though it is not without its own nuance, in-jokes, drama, and difficulties. I'll admit that those are not reasons in and of themselves to avoid calling ourselves "OCR Gamers," I feel that we are culturally distinct because of the differences in OCR's history and our own.

Gamemaster has lately taken to calling Victory Pit a conglomeration of efforts to label OCRTF2 and his personal work for 1379 Tech, as well as new community outreach and diversification. I can't blame him, it's hard to articulate these kinds of things in a way that encourages those who identify as OCReMix to engage with the new name. I personally do not think that the approach is necessary, though I have kept my reservations to myself because I don't exactly know how to express them. I want to say Victory Pit is our new identity, the name cribbed of course from the phenomenon in TF2 where after some maps are won, a bomb is detonated and the terrain is deformed to contain a large crater with a player kill zone inside. I feel that maintaining a direct tie to OCR in our name is a hindrance in that we will always be considered an attachment to OCR, rather than a unique and distinct culture. What I mean is that without our own identifier on the internet, our sense of brand would be diluted by the conflation with OCReMix proper. I still like OCR, but I think it's time to cut the cord and allow Victory Pit to grow into its own thing. This definitely does not preclude members from identifying as OCR community members, and I'm sure that some of us will continue to shill the music of OCR to those who are uninitiated.

Given GM's history as a community leader with the Nintendo NSider and the followup communities, I feel that he is a great de-facto president, despot, king, or what have you, and his wisdom and understanding of complex social interaction help to temper his personal attitudes such that he often maintains impartiality when dealing with difficult personal situations. That said, I don't expect him to do everything as he has been doing for the past 3 years. From coaching the #Town (Pound Town) team to initiating weekly community night to basic outreach, GM has been running himself haggard because he's doing it along side his own personal work and competitive efforts. He has many many people messaging him for a slice of his attention, and very few people in Victory Pit to take his place when he needs some time off. I would challenge anybody who is dedicated to our community (under any banner) to take some time to help out. It can be something as little as inviting a handful of people to play TF2 on a Friday night. Though GM has been the crux of the community lately, it shouldn't be to his detriment. We play games because they're fun and we like the people we're playing with.